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Mold Testing and Inspection

An elevated level of mold in your property can be bad for your health. Some types of mold can cause cancer, allergies, or respiratory disease. It can also compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. We can help inspect the cause, condition, and severity of your home’s mold problem.

Do you See Mold Already?
You should have already called us at this point. The mold could already be spreading to other areas of your home. It is a waste of money to get mold testing done. Now you need a different professional to remove the mold. Why do we tell you this now, because we want to SAVE you Money? It's your money. Why hire us if you already see the mold.

Contact us if you don't see mold or you think you might have mold. We will come to do testing and checking for mold at your residence or commercial property. We will ensure that your family is safe.

You do not always need to know exactly the type of mold that you have, because you just need to get rid of it at this point in the game. Contact a local mold removal professional. DO NOT ATTEMPT  to remove the mold yourself, this could cause even more problems.

Do you need a mold inspection? Here is what you need to know if you do or do not need an inspection.

  1. No Visible Mold but the smell of mold is present. This is when a mold inspection can tell you where and the extent of the mold in your home. We will ensure that your mold problem is dealt with accordingly.
  2. Have you had plumbing or water leaks? This could mean that there are areas of your home that have mold behind drywall and other areas of your home not exposed to air.
  3. Has mold been present in your home before? This is where you get tested to ensure that your home has been rid of mold completely and it will NOT come back.
  4. Health Concerns are a huge component when it comes to mold in your home. You always want peace of mind and you can get it with Home Inspection Cheyenne.
  5. Real Estate Transactions - Either as the Buyer or Seller of a home you are able to come in with a home inspection report to dispute price or negotiate terms of the issues that were found in a home inspection. Do NOT skip this step, even if your realtor says that you do not need it.
  6. Landlord/Tenant Issues - Maybe you think your rental has mold or that a tenant created a problem. Maybe you think your landlord isn't doing something about possible mold. Put your mind at rest and call the best at Cheyenne Home Inspection.

Think you have Mold? Call now and we will let you know. (307) 317-4417

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